Neighbourhood Plan

Latest News – September 2021 – our Plan is approved in the referendum!

The referendum took place in the Hanney War Memorial Hall on Thursday 2nd September.  98% voted for the adoption of the West Hanney Neighbourhood Plan with a 34% turnout which is very similar to the District Council election in 2019.

Legislation gives neighbourhood plans full legal effect once they have passed their local referendum and will become part of the planning decision process for all future planning applications.

A District Council meeting on the 6 October formally “made” the neighbourhood plan  – the last formal stage of the approval process.

Please click on the Neighbourhood Plan menu option for links to the District Council website for further information.  Copies of the Neighbourhood Plan documents can also be found in the Neighbourhood Plan Documents section of this website.

Click here to go to the Vale of White Horse District Council website for more details of the referendum:

Click on the Documents link below to access the final Referendum version of our Neighbourhood Plan and the official declaration of result document.



West Hanney Parish Council has been working with East Hanney Parish Council to produce separate Neighbourhood Plans for each community.  As both villages share amenities such as St James’ Primary, St James’ Church and the War Memorial Hall, we realised that there were many common aspects of the separate plans so a joint working group was established.  Both councils have engaged Community First Oxfordshire to facilitate the production of the plans.

A public consultation meeting was held on April 17th 2016 to launch the Neighbourhood Plans and was well attended.

A community survey was sent to every household in East and West Hanney in December 2016 and the results were made available at public meetings in March and May 2017.  The survey results can be found in the Documents folder link below as Appendix C of the Plan.

The Neighbourhood Plan based on the results of the Community Survey has been in development for some time and following a pre-submission discussion with the Vale of White Horse District Council, the Plan was published on this website for the community to examine during a seven week consultation period from 1st November 2019.  All residents were invited to download and read the Neighbourhood Plan documents.

Paper copies of the Plan documents and the consultation response form were also available in the Hanney Community Shop for residents who did not have access to the Internet and Feedback forms could be returned to the Hanney Community Shop or by email.

The Steering group considered all the responses from statutory consultees and residents and after discussion with the Vale of White Horse Planning Department, the Plan was been revised and submitted to the Vale in December 2019.

The Vale of White Horse District Council (VoWHDC) launched the consultation on our Plan on February 25th 2021 until 15th April 2021.  We incorporated amendments to our Plan following the consultation and VoWHDC then engaged an external Examiner to evaluate our Plan.  The Examiner requested further clarification to our Plan that we subsequently provided and his final report was accepted by VoWHDC.  We have now prepared a Referendum version of the Neighbourhood Plan based on the guidance from VoWHDC and that has been published on both our own website and on the District Council’s website, and a date for the Referendum has been set as Thursday September 2 2021.

Please contact your Parish Councillors if you have any questions about the Neighbourhood Plan.